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HSD Cable

The multicores shielded cables with metallic braid and aluminium foil are becoming more and more common in the automotive industry and require a controlled production process. To this end Mecal has developed a special semiautomatic process line in order to simplify the production and assure the quality of High Speed Data Connections. The dedicated process foresees 4 initial steps to set up the HSD cable, followed by a crimping stage, a connector insertion and ultimately a body assembly. The wire, inserted into the equipment, will be fixed until the end of the relevant process. A sensor guarantees systematically the position and starts the successive operations that will be completed automatically. Various KITS will allow a rapid equipment adaptation to the different wire diameters.


Cable preparation: PSCM107  FL010  PL010  SC020
Terminal crimping: CR010
Isolator insertion: IS010
Body insertion: BD010  BD020

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