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Technical Specifications

The SC11 Stripper-Crimper is a wire-stripping unit conceived to be integrated with a crimping station (press and applicator). In one smooth movement, the SC11 grabs the wire, strips it and moves it over to the applicator’s anvil, where it will be crimped to the terminal. PLC controlled, the electro – pneumatic actuating system grants ease of installation, use and maintenance. It can strip wires up to 3mm². and can be either coupled to end-feed mini applicators (for end-to-end linked terminals on a reel) or side-feed mini applicators (for carrier-linked terminals on a reel to be unrolled-left-to- right). It requires a specific adapting kit to be coupled to Mecal crimping presses. It can be cycled either by pedal or by a sensor that detects the presence of the wire to be stripped. Either way, the stripped wire will be automatically moved over to the applicator and crimped to the terminal. The SC11 can be used with multiple-core wires : - when crimping side feed terminals linked by front carrier, the minimum jacket stripping length is 25mm, which can go up down to 18mm if a special set of blades is used ; - if the side feed terminals are linked in the back, the minimum jacket stripping length is 18mm without special blades. The very good accessibility offered by the SC11 allows for a quick set-up time and easy maintenance. Produced under a quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 (TÜV).  
5 - 7 Bar 
5,1 kg (11,2 lb) 
24 V DC 
0,035 - 3mm² 
(32-12 AWG) 
2 - 12mm 
(0,078 - 0,473") 
min 25*mm (min 0,98")*

SC11 - Manual
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