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P200 Press
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Technical Specifications

The P200 Crimping Press has been specifically conceived to crimp very big-section wires or to handle embossing process where pressure up and above 20 tons is called for. Designed to accept Extreme Duty Two-Post Die MSCS, with the specific adapting shank can also receive Two-Post Dies MSA. With the press ram at Bottom Dead Center, the P200 has a crimping height of 190 mm. The P200 Crimping Press has a regulating head PN 951270110, which allows for a continuous setting of the crimping height, with a 0.1mm resolution and a 5.8mm range. It is fitted with a 360° safety cover, the only open side of which is protected by a set of optical barriers. As an alternative, the open side can be protected by an air operated moving cover. All the controls, including the one allowing a step-by-step cycling of the press, are placed on two external control boxes. Produced under a quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 (TÜV).  
7,5KW (10,5HP)  
25000Kg (55100lb)  
50mm (1,96")  
190mm (7,48")  
1550Kg (3410lb)  
380/400 Vac - 3P + PE  
400V / 230V / 480V  
Light grey RAL 7038 

P200 - Uso e manutenzione

Manuale di istruzioni operative per la pressa P200.

Date 2013-01-08 Language  Italian Filesize 5.74 MB Download 6051
P200 - Uso y mantenimiento

Manual de uso y mantenimiento prensa P200.

Date 2014-02-03 Language  Spanish Filesize 5.42 MB Download 5339
P200 - Bedienungs-und wartungsanleitung

Bedienungs-und wartungsanleitung pressen P200.

Date 2015-02-04 Language  German Filesize 5.86 MB Download 4413

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